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"Forrest plays so creatively with solid support, color, texture, passion, full dynamic range and even the use of silence. His compositional approach to creating parts has a beautiful visual effect. It's as if you're watching sound breathe!"

— Jeff Sipe - Aquarium Rescue Unit

"...It's a privilege to play with Forrest. Our music is quite demanding and Forrest puts it across with an ease belying the serious work he puts into it. His off-the-chart skills and positive, easy going demeanor make him the perfect sub.”

— George Lowe - The Afro Zen All-Stars

"...A more talented drummer I have yet to work with - and moreover, one of the nicest and most even tempered gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure to know.  Early to every gig and eager to play. A teacher and scholar of percussion. A great addition to the band and well liked and respected by us all.”

— Wil Gravatt - The Wil Gravatt Band

“... A fantastic drummer! One of the few I have seen that has the magic... “

— Andre Labelle - Vinnie Vincent

“Forrest is a total pro. He is a versatile drummer that is always listening and adapting in the moment to deliver the right groove. Forrest is someone you can count on to cover the drums and is a pleasure to work with.”

— Chris Whiteman - Veronica Swift

"...Forrest is an incredibly talented and dexterous musician who is always a pleasure to play with!"

— D.J. Williams - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

"Forrest is always rock solid and easy to work with! His versatility and positive attitude are great attributes to bring to your stage or studio.”

— John Small - The Pat McGee Band, studio

"... A great spirit which is infectious to the band and the audience..."

— Rick  Schaefer - The Jangling Reinharts

“... He far exceeded our expectations and graciously added his own tasteful spin on our set.  He is welcome on our stage anytime!”

— Donny Atkins - The Diggity Dudes

“...Meticulous about his craft and has an incredible work ethic rarely encountered on today’s scene! On each performance I am even more impressed than the last! No matter your lineup, the addition of Forrest Young is definitely a ‘level up’!”

— Lew Taylor - Big Ray & The Kool Kats

“Forrest has “Emergency Drummed” for The Illbillys on several occasions, always with stellar results! His easy-going nature, and engaging sense of humor alone make him an instant-fit for any band, but he’s also really good at playing the drums!”

— Peter Hemphling, bassist - The Illbillys


“Forrest came through in the clutch when a former drummer showed up drunk to a gig. Without any rehearsal his superior musicianship, and ability to listen and blend made the night a success. Highly recommended!”

— Chipp Corderman - U.S. Marine Corps


“I recommend Forrest for ANY type of gig. He is very highly skilled in just about every style of music imaginable! Forrest's timekeeping is impeccable - no odd tempo is beyond his grasp. I've never seen him get rattled on a gig; he just smiles and plays his butt off.”

— Dan Wheeler - Spectrum

“...I’m impressed with Forrest's skill, professionalism, and his infectiously positive attitude! His versatility and prep time with tunes put him at the top of the hire list!”

— Brian Mesko - The Danktet


“…Terrific feel and musicality! Forrest's adept handling of vast musical styles enabled our group to maintain and improve our sound and performance! A top-notch talent who will put your mind and your group at ease...”

— Gary Shaver - Spectrum


“Forrest is a great spirit and a great musician! Always a pleasure when I get to work with him. He’s helped me out on many occasions and I have always been thankful that I can count on someone with his talent and enthusiasm!”

— Todd Herrington - Chris Jacobs Band


"If you need a solid, musical drummer, don’t hesitate to call Forrest! He’ll do a great job, always with a smile on his face.”

— Frank Coleman - Home Grown Studio


"...Forrest's musicianship is thoughtful, passionate, precise and thorough, and his work ethic is out of this world!"

— Slash Coleman - Storyteller


"...Forrest's wealth of style and rhythm always brings personality and drive to a project!”

— Alex McCallum - Tavernier


"...A serious musician with great skills… Hire Forrest!”

— John Winn - VCU Jazz Department


"Forrest is always impressive in any musical setting! He shows up early, well-informed, and ready to make music!”

— Mark Ingraham - Dance Candy

“This man is amazing. He deftly filled in at several funk band gigs I was involved with a few years back. Not simple music, and Forrest nailed it. Also one of the nicest guys you could share a stage with.”

— Joel Hailey - Green Earrings

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