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When your band’s regular drummer is out sick, double-booked, pregnant, whatever... The music must go on! Regardless of your rhythmic dilemma, call Forrest Young, the Emergency Drummer to fill in the missing beats at your next concert or recording session!

Remember, "Musical Bummer? ...Emergency Drummer!"

From headlining jazz festivals with Dane Alderson (Yellowjackets, Bob Mintzer Big Band) and Chris Whiteman (Veronica Swift, D-Angelo) to drumming on three Emmy Award winning documentary soundtracks, Forrest Young has been performing with peak precision and a heartfelt pocket for over 30 years! Drumming legend, Jeff Sipe, has said,
“...Forrest plays so creatively with solid support, color, texture, passion, full dynamic range and even the use of silence. His compositional approach to creating parts has a beautiful visual effect. It's as if you're watching sound breathe!”

Since the early 2000s, Forrest has been known as the ”Emergency Drummer,” filling in the missing beats for everyone from The Platters & The Drifters to African repertoire band, Afro Zen Allstars! His album credits include a Thelonious Monk tribute called “Monk's Playground” featuring guitar wizard, Chris Vasi, as well as an original fusion project called “One Thing Right” with multi-instrumentalist, Brian Mesko. As seen on All About Jazz's Chick Corea “In Memoriam” webpage, Forrest is also a renowned illustrator whose “Lyric Portrait” drawings are created entirely out of thousands of hand-lettered words!

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