Forrest Young The Emergncy Drummer

"Forrest plays so creatively with solid support, color, texture, passion, full dynamic range and even the use of silence. His compositional approach to creating parts has a beautiful visual effect. It's as if you're watching sound breathe!"

— Jeff Sipe - Aquarium Rescue Unit

"...A more talented drummer I have yet to work with - and moreover, one of the nicest and most even tempered gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure to know.  Early to every gig and eager to play. A teacher and scholar of percussion. A great addition to the band and well liked and respected by us all.”

— Wil Gravatt - The Wil Gravatt Band

“... A fantastic drummer! One of the few I have seen that has the magic... “

— Andre Labelle - Vinnie Vincent

“Forrest is a total pro. He is a versatile drummer that is always listening and adapting in the moment to deliver the right groove. Forrest is someone you can count on to cover the drums and is a pleasure to work with.”

— Chris Whiteman - Jazz Guitarist

"...Forrest is an incredibly talented and dexterous musician who is always a pleasure to play with!"

— D.J. Williams - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

"Forrest is always rock solid and easy to work with! His versatility and positive attitude are great attributes to bring to your stage or studio.”

— John Small - The Pat McGee Band, studio

"... A great spirit which is infectious to the band and the audience..."

— Rick  Schaefer - The Jangling Reinharts

“... He far exceeded our expectations and graciously added his own tasteful spin on our set.  He is welcome on our stage anytime!”

— Donny Atkins - The Diggity Dudes

“...Meticulous about his craft and has an incredible work ethic rarely encountered on today’s scene! On each performance I am even more impressed than the last! No matter your lineup, the addition of Forrest Young is definitely a ‘level up’!”

— Lew Taylor - Big Ray & The Kool Kats

“Forrest has “Emergency Drummed” for The Illbillys on several occasions, always with stellar results! His easy-going nature, and engaging sense of humor alone make him an instant-fit for any band, but he’s also really good at playing the drums!”

— Peter Hemphling, bassist - The Illbillys


“Forrest came through in the clutch when a former drummer showed up drunk to a gig. Without any rehearsal his superior musicianship, and ability to listen and blend made the night a success. Highly recommended!”

— Chipp Corderman - U.S. Marine Corps


“I recommend Forrest for ANY type of gig. He is very highly skilled in just about every style of music imaginable! Forrest's timekeeping is impeccable - no odd tempo is beyond his grasp. I've never seen him get rattled on a gig; he just smiles and plays his butt off.”

— Dan Wheeler - Spectrum

“...I’m impressed with Forrest's skill, professionalism, and his infectiously positive attitude! His versatility and prep time with tunes put him at the top of the hire list!”

— Brian Mesko - The Danktet


“…Terrific feel and musicality! Forrest's adept handling of vast musical styles enabled our group to maintain and improve our sound and performance! A top-notch talent who will put your mind and your group at ease...”

— Gary Shaver - Spectrum


“Forrest is a great spirit and a great musician! Always a pleasure when I get to work with him. He’s helped me out on many occasions and I have always been thankful that I can count on someone with his talent and enthusiasm!”

— Todd Herrington - Chris Jacobs Band


"If you need a solid, musical drummer, don’t hesitate to call Forrest! He’ll do a great job, always with a smile on his face.”

— Frank Coleman - Home Grown Studio


"...Forrest's musicianship is thoughtful, passionate, precise and thorough, and his work ethic is out of this world!"

— Slash Coleman - Storyteller


"...Forrest's wealth of style and rhythm always brings personality and drive to a project!”

— Alex McCallum - Tavernier


"...A serious musician with great skills… Hire Forrest!”

— John Winn - VCU Jazz Department


"Forrest is always impressive in any musical setting! He shows up early, well-informed, and ready to make music!”

— Mark Ingraham - Dance Candy

“This man is amazing. He deftly filled in at several funk band gigs I was involved with a few years back. Not simple music, and Forrest nailed it. Also one of the nicest guys you could share a stage with.”

— Joel Hailey - Green Earrings

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Emergency Drummer

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